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P5 hardware update

Now the information can probably no longer be held back, so here it goes.
The hardware changes, that we talked about yesterday, consist of two hardware components.

  • Processor. Instead of a TI OMAP 2420 @ 332 MHz it will be an unknown TI @ 520 MHz processor.
  • GPS module

The new UI with all its features will probably also need a stronger processor. This processor will also be compatible with Windows Mobile 6. This is an essential step in regard of the ability to construct new hardware.

Therefore this very late decision means the FP1 again will be discarded, and a new hardware platform created. Maria is said to be running the same platform.
The main reason for the CPU swap is the simultaneous announcement of new ARM-chipsets at the Smartphone Show 2007. The new chipsets are significantly
more efficient in terms of its graphics features than any previous versions.


7 Responses

  1. Thank you for this, hottest p5 news all week

  2. Great news which indicates a nicer, smoother and faster UI is on the way.

  3. Hope that someday Se will produce even better mobile phone than new comming iPhone 2.0.

    I’m really afraid that SE will not be able to create it. Time is ticking away…

  4. i hope p5 has the flip as the p990

  5. does it mean that SE will let people choice between installing firmware with Windows Mobile and firmware with Symbian/UIQ?

  6. i just hope it has a traditional flip tp it no p series is complete without the flip.

  7. Every second counts in this type of technology. By todays standards P5 would be great…but would it still be so by mid 2008?!

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