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What would YOU like to ask Sony Ericsson’s President about?

As the title says – what would YOU like to ask Sony Ericsson’s President about? Post your question in a comment below this post, and I’ll pick out the 10 best questions, and I’ll then have something arranged for Sony Ericsson’s current President – Hideki ‘Dick’ Komiyama – to answer them, if possible. Only serious and appropriate questions, please, and to make it easier please don’t ask any already asked questions.

This is your chance, so start asking!

The last day to post your question will be the 19th of November, as I’m counting on passing them on to Mr. Komiyama on the 20th.

PS. This is my 120th post!

The questioning round has ended for now, and the ten chosen questions will be sent off to Sony Ericsson. More details will follow soon.


31 Responses

  1. Mr Komiyama

    Did you receive the Open Letter couriered to the UK offices?
    If so, what is your response to the SE smartphone userbase?

    Thank you

  2. Large user base of first batch UIQ3 phones (M600, W950 and especially P990) are demanding future firmware upgrades (that Open Letter for example). What are yours plans about it?

  3. I will just second what aqualung asked about the “open letter”

  4. What is SE’s strategy on flash lite integration? When can we expect version 3.0 support and can phones with version 2.0 be upgradeable ti version 3.0 ?

  5. why SE dosen’t have any powerhorse mobiles like N95
    and before 2-4 years SE was the best and the first to bring thier camera mobile in market now with K850 it’s already late and too many problems in it

  6. Being a loyal SE user since P800, I was an early adapter of the P990. It was a very unpleasant experience to say the least. A very unreliable phone for the first 8 months, just when things looked like they may get better – no more firmware updates to improve and enhance the so called flagship phone from SE. Now that the price has dropped to 1/3 of that I paid for it in less than a year, I simply feel cheated.
    I am hoping that SE will do the right thing and look for ways to minimize our grievences.

  7. Is there a plan to provide any suitable customer support in the future ? Actually there is no noise from SE about several Problems with UIQ3-Phones.
    I know no other huge manufacturer with such a poor service quality.

  8. Sir!
    I would like to ask: do you love mobile phones world?
    I mean you certainly love your job, I ask about passion, since it’s needed for a “battle” in a mobile world, which is looking more and more like Formula1.
    So, are you fighting for a Number 1 position??

  9. Dear Mr Komiyama,

    Would like to ask why the best of your latest phones like W960/P1 are not comptabile with the USA 3G networks? will the future phones support the full USA market?

  10. 2 questions if i am allowed 😀
    1)Same as aqualung…would like to know what SE is planning to for us P990 customers.
    2)Why do all Walkman phones don’t have autofocus and LED?Not asking for any other camera feature.Do you feel walkman phone users don’t like better photos?If you put a camera in a phone,why of inferior quality?

  11. Dear Mr Komiyama,

    SE Customer Support has been absolutely atrocious!

    I have sent multiple emails to the Support organization and posted numerous posts on SE Developer World. I have yet to get a decent response in either email (just generic template responses) and have been virtually ignored on the Developer World forum. I’m not the only one as others who responded to my posts have received the same treatment! (see http://developer.sonyericsson.com/thread.jspa?threadID=41416&tstart=0 and http://developer.sonyericsson.com/thread.jspa?threadID=40448&tstart=0)

    You have customers who are reporting bugs, suggesting new features, etc. in hopes of helping SE make better products. Unfortunately, we are ignored…SE has our money and must not want repeat customers or good word of mouth regarding your phones or the company.

    Will you help correct this behavior and treat us better than we have been treated within the last 12-18 months?

  12. To: Mr. Komiyama
    1-It seems SE has been so preoccupied with producing low level phones to increasing market share and you have unacceptable delay to producing High level phones such as N95, iPhone, U600, Prada, Armani and also Adidas phones rivals. This policy affected your market share growth also. Why don’t you push the consumers to your SE great products as you did it before by producing innovative products?
    2-Why don’t you use other Sony capacities and brands in your phones? For example you can use BRAVIA (You have used it only in Japan), Handycam, VAIO, PSP or Playstation and even IPELA in electronics field. In music field, you can make several promotions with SONY BMG popular artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and etc but it seems your competitors work faster in this case for example Samsung has had several promotions with Beyonce Knowles and they have made a “B” phone after her name and Motorola has had some promotions with Kelly Clarkson.
    In movie field you can make several promotions such as you did in Casino Royale and make more special edition phones in/for Sony picture blockbuster movies.
    3- Why don’t you develop your flagship stores like the one in London to other countries around the world?

  13. Dear Mr. Komiyama
    How can we connected to you directly?
    Do you have any Email address in this case?

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  15. Mr. Komiyama,

    What are your plans on advertising SE products for 2008? Will we see SE advertising aggresively across all products like other top 5 players? Also, do you believe that Design is THE main thing for consumers when buying products and features as mentioned by one of your officials?

  16. I would like to ask u why has sony ericsson coming out with so less phones whereas nokia comes out with a lot more models than u ,and also why the inferior and flash less cameras in the walkman models and the lack of xenon in the new cybershot models like the k770i etc and why don u have flash lite on the cybershot phone do u want to force loyal fans and customers to buy 2 different phones for different features,plz dont disappoint us ,plz put flash lite in cybershot phones thru some firmware updates in k550i etc.

    Why is ur advertising campaign so slow it starts airing when the phone has alrdy been released dats not good coz the customers don no wat the product is and they start seeing it in shops b4 the ads start to come.

  17. Sir

    There was no doubt SE was the leader in innovation when with its first three p series smartphones (P800, P900i and P910i )

    However the latest products leave a lot to be desired eg P990i early firmware was full of bugs

    Nevertheless loyal customers have purchased these phones. With the apparent refusal of SE to continue to support the P990 (no firmware update despite the P1 getting one) should SE not offer an exchange programme where purchases of a P990 can receive a substantial discount on the new model if they send in their old phone?

  18. What is Sony Ericsson’s view on Apple in regards to their attempt to enter the mobile market and their product design (usability, ‘fun’, aesthetics) which has been well received by consumers?
    Please add: It’s obvious that Apple’s iPhone is proving to be a very attractive product for consumers – despite its lack of features, it’s ease of use and enjoyment are enough to make people think that it’s worth its fairly hefty price tag. Instead of denying the technological backwardness of the iPhone, Sony Ericsson should accept that having a very easy to use phone with some ‘wow’ factor is what consumers want, rather than waiting too long and coming out with a ‘copycat’ product which will be out far too late.

    What do you say to the view that Sony Ericsson is being too dependent on Sony branding like Walkman, Cyber-shot, etc. instead of actually improving the experience for customers (with things like video recording, sound quality, picture quality)?

    And you could mention to him that:
    Sony Ericsson could very easily still have their Cyber-shot and Walkman product lines, but what about creating a new series specifically for people who’d like a K850 camera, plus the screen size and Walkman abilities of the W910. Make that series demand a price premium (so that the sales of the other phones aren’t compromised) and you’ll please both the normal consumer and the ‘enthusiast’ community.

  19. why sony ericsson phones have developed such a diffensive approach regarding their feature list as opposed to nokia’s approach?

  20. Dear Sony Ericsson Blog,

    These are my questions:

    1. What are the trends that Sony Ericsson has identified as being important in the next two years? Nokia has been setting the trend over the past two years in terms of introducing wifi and GPS into many of their phones. Does Sony Ericsson sees itself as replicating these features in their phones? Also, are there features that have not been introduced into the handheld market and Sony Ericsson feels will be a necessary introduction?

    2. How does Sony Ericsson intend to differentiate itself from the other phone manufacturers for the next two years. Sony Ericsson has done a fantastic job differentiating itself in terms of its strength of music and the camera, and in terms of its unique designs. However, customers have become more complex, and would require more functionality and complexity in their phones.

    3. Sony Ericsson has mentioned that it intends to maximise the potential of its phones by incorporating all features as and where possible. Are there key features that Sony Ericsson sees as necessary in all its phones? For example, Nokia has identified wifi as a necessary component in all its N series phones. How will Sony Ericsson identify its strength and also, the neccessary feature?

    4. Nokia and Samsung has developed a strong line of business phones over the past one year. Sony Ericsson had a successful line of business phones prior to 2007. How does Sony Ericsson intend to continue to leverage on its historic strength to reclaim the market for business phones, if there is such an intention?

    5. The Walkman and Cybershot brand were successfully created in 2005 and 2006 respectively to herald in a new distinction for mobility devices. However, the brands seem to have been stagnant in terms of creativity and development in 2007. How does Sony Ericsson intend to reorganise and revitalise these brands?

    6. The prices of phones have been dropping tremendously over the past two years, even as much more technologically superior phones have been created. Does Sony Ericsson aims to create products which enables it to continue commanding a premium for a select number of phones? Also, how does Sony Ericsson intend to continue to be able to produce phones which can command a premium, which some have commented, that Sony Ericsson has been lacking in for the past one year.

    7. Sony Ericsson seems to have the best hope of taking over Samsung and Motorola in the rankings of phone manufacturers. How does Sony Ericsson aim to move into the top three ranks? Is that a goal for 2008 and does Sony Ericsson sees it as achieveable? Also, LG is proving to be a strong competitor to Sony Ericsson, with its strong growth this year. How does Sony Ericsson intend to fight off the competition?

    8. Some have commented that Sony Ericsson have been unable to produce phones which match the standards of Nokia N95, Samsung G800 or LG Viewty, or that Sony Ericsson have been developing products which are late in the market. It can be understood that Sony Ericsson aims to produce phones which consumers can trust and have the confidence in. However, how does Sony Ericsson aim to come to a compromise between creating relevant and immediate products, and in ensuring quality and robustness?

  21. Man, you guys are making it hard for me to choose the 10 best questions!!! 🙂

    I’ll do my best, though, so please don’t take it personal if your question doesn’t get picked.

  22. Here are some more questions:

    1. The iPhone is proving to be a competitor for high end Walkman models. How does Sony Ericsson intends to compete with Apple? The Walkman series definitely have better features than iPhone, sans the touchscreen. How does Sony Ericsson intend to capture their customers again?

    2. Sony Ericsson’s Walkman and Cybershot have now become very well-known sub brands of Sony Ericsson. However the phones created under them seem to lack individuality and uniqueness. How does Sony Ericsson intend for their phones under these series to continue riding on the well-known sub brands, yet stand out on their own?

    3. Will Sony Ericsson come out with phones with higher than a 5 megapixel camera?

  23. 3 years ago sony ericsson was far ahed in packing features as compared to it’s rivals but now it’s consederably behind eg-nokia n95 and SE k850,nokia e90 and SE p1 etc.i am a great sony ericsson fan and i want to know why this approach?when we are going to see a super phone?

  24. To Michell: Seems I just caught this post in time. Let me try to help with your choice of questions with this “ace of trumps” (?) Well, a trump, anyway.

    To Mr Komiyama:
    Given that Sony Ericsson has now announced the end of support for the 15-month-old flagship P990, what relief or compensation does the company propose for its long-suffering early adopters who paid top dollar / pound / euro etc. for the supposed state-of-the-art “smart”phone, whose limited 64 MB RAM prevents it from meeting its advertised supposed multitasking capabilities?

  25. Why dont SE make a ‘all in one’ king of the hill device?

    Why has SE fallen behind in terms of technology and innovation?

    Is there any chance to improve the developer world and associated communities?

    Why are SE mainstream phones lacking basic things like flash lite,office readers (pdf,word..) ?

    Will you improve customer service,In all parts of the world?

    Will SE provide international warranty to its devices?

    Suggestion:There are also a lots of suggestions,complaints from a lot of people,listen and improve!

  26. The questioning round has ended for now, and the ten chosen questions will be sent off to Sony Ericsson. More details will follow soon.

    NO MORE questions now, thanks.

  27. Questioning has ended, but maybe i can still push these ones through.

    Mr. Komiyama, surely you’ve read several posts here with people complaining about software bugs, some of them easily detected in the first days of use. My question is, how tight are test procedures for new products? Are they going to get tighter?

    Another question. Is SonyEricsson considering the option of using the recently announced Google platform for mobile devices?

    Finally, after a few product lines inheriting Sony branding and trademarks (Walkman, Cybershot), is SonyEricsson going to continue to “import” these trademarks? For instance, is there going to be a SonyEricsson Playstation cellphone in a short time? Is there gonna be SonyEricsson Bravia for DVB-H cellphones?

    Thank you

  28. Hi!

    When Sony Ericsson released the W800i you were leading the development in the mobile phone industry, but now you are lagging behind. Why don’t you create a Walkman – Cybershot combination phone?

    Don’t you agree that what lots of people want are:
    * Good camera
    * Good mp3-player
    * Slim/small design (with the screen as the major size of the phone)

    I have a hard time now days to find a SE phone that I like since I have to choose between a good mp3-player and a good camera.

  29. Sorry guys, the questioning has ended and the ten chosen questions has been passed on to Sony Ericsson.

    I’m only keeping this post’s commenting open, so you can see all the questions that were in.

  30. In the meantime, is there any chance for a listing of the ten chosen questions?

  31. ding!

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