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S500 review by GSMArena


GSMArena.com published their Sony Ericsson S500 review yesterday. It looks like they’ve reviewed the black edition, which I find the prettiest. Generally them seem to be liking the phone as a mid-end solution, but conclude that there are better alternatives in the same price range – i.e. the W580, which has some added features and more memory for about the same price. Here’s the full conclusion for you guys.

Sony Ericsson S500 is a mid-range slider of slim design and daring exterior, which offers very standard, not to say unoriginal, functionality. Available for around 225 Euro, the S500 is easily challenged by a number of Sony Ericsson models offering respectable functions in this price range. Which way you will go is just up to you.

The S500 will easily appeal to the senses, but the Walkman W580 could well be the more reasonable option. FM radio, fitness application, superior headset, and a 512-MB memory card are enough features to make the Walkman phone worth the additional investment.

You’ll find the review right here – and don’t forget that you can read my review of S500 here 🙂


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