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Major hardware changes delaying the P5

As most of you have probably read here at the blog according to Sony Ericsson themselves there won’t be any announcement on the 15th, where the P5 was supposed to be announced.

And I know why. There’ll be some ‘major hardware changes’ (sorry, I can’t and won’t go into details – yet!) in the P5 causing a delay of both announcement as well as release, which should now be later than earlier expected.

Other than that I’ve received some informations about the design as well, and it sounds very nice (won’t be able to post this either, but the materials can be found in earlier SE phones). The keyboard, however, still remains a mystery – will it be a sliding QWERTY, as some have said or will it be completely different? Well, am not so sure, because both are being used in prototypes, but nevertheless it will be something new (for Sony Ericsson at least).


7 Responses

  1. Just as long as they not lowering any of the (rumoured) specs

  2. i’ll upgrade my Nokia N95 with P5 if it has 30pfs 640×480 video.

  3. To Farhaad
    It will be even better. Hint: If you think the N95 is fast, then get ready to the power of P5.

  4. Hope they ditch the idea of a slider phone. Complete anathema to the spirit of the Pseries line.

  5. try to find something more surprising, at least 1step ahead !! unlike a device released with 3G but other device already got 3.5G and GPS. i always like p800 at the time ! it was a breakthru

  6. Too many concept designs about, can’t wait to see what it is actually going to look like.

  7. When will P5 be released this year?

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