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First Orange W910 shipment recalled

Sony Ericsson recalled the first shipment of W910 phones for Orange in the UK because of a series of firmware problems – one of these were that the phone turned itself off after 10 seconds of use. Another was that it would not accept incoming calls. Therefore Sony Ericsson recalled the first shipment and has now fixed the problems, the manufacturer says.

It’s a bit sad that W910 had these problems because it’s one of the highest spec’d non-smartphones Sony Ericsson has to offer at the moment and is the company’s best music phone available at the moment.

Source: Softpedia via Esato forums


5 Responses

  1. thats just orange firmware problem right?

  2. Yes, its seem only an initial shipment of Orange phones have been recalled. Apparently, the issues have now been resolved.

  3. Exactly what goldenface said. However there have been some problems with the generic versions, too. Hopefully these will be fixed in the next firmware update.

  4. Hi, I am on 3 network and my w910 won’t recieve or send messages of any sort! it merely says ‘operation failed’, u can’ t go into folder of games or aplications. help!! x

  5. Sounds like a faulty device. Try updating it via Sony Ericsson Update Service (although I’m pretty sure there are no updates available) or have it done at a SE service center.

    If none of those help, you must get it replaced.

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