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A rather biased review of W910 by Mobile-Review

w910_review_mobile_review.jpgLooks like Mobile-Review has seen themselves pissed at Sony Ericsson for some reason – because lately all the reviews of Sony Ericsson phones have been very bad and totally incorrect in my opinion. Looks like Eldar has lost his touch.

Anyways, they’ve now reviewed the W910, and end up by saying that it’s not a music phone. I really couldn’t believe it – what a lie it is! I’ve tried out the W910 myself and was amazed by its music features and very elegant & slick design. But apparently Mobile-Review thinks otherwise.

If you’re interested in reading this review, press this link.


2 Responses

  1. You misrepresent Eldar’s views, rather. He thinks that most aspects about the phone are very good, particularly the music software. Butt the digital audio processor lets it down – resulting in poor sound fidelity, when compared with similar (or cheaper) nokia or samsung offerings. i’d have to say that my experience bears this out, too.

  2. Hi there,

    Yes, I know he likes most of the things about it, but he still says “Regrettably, given that average sonic experience it delivers, we can’t really call it a true music-heavy solution”, and that’s a load of crap, if you ask me. I’ve tried it, and the music quality was excellent. It may be that the frequency response was very disorted, but it’s not something you can hear. Maybe it’s not ‘smooth’, but it is when a human hears it. That’s why it’s crap to say it’s not a music-heavy solution – this would only be fitting if a computer was to listen to its output.

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