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No announcement on the 15th of November

[UPDATED] There’ll be no announcement on the 15th of November – actually the announcement of three phones and one accessory on the 6th was the last announcement this year.

As a follow up on my earlier post, Aldo Liguori, Head of Global Communications & PR at Sony Ericsson, has now returned with a reply after double checking.

– Thanks for the additional information, but I’ve done a search and can confirm that we have no plans to make any new product announcement in November. What we announced last week, on the 6th, is the last product announcement we’ll be making this year. All Sony Ericsson product announcements, regardless of their nature, are handled and co-ordinated by my group in London. I don’t know where your source has heard this information but it’s not true, he said in the reply I got earlier today.

So, there you have it. No more announcements from Sony Ericsson this year.

Update! Some say that there’ll be an info-event about a week after November the 15th, and it’s possible that the P5 announcement could be discussed here.


3 Responses

  1. Sh!t…sh!t…

  2. We should wait and see. I’m almost sure there won’t be any announcement on November 15th. But there’ll be an announcement in this year. There’s still more to com :o)

  3. No, I need pics of W980i 😦 That’s my next phone I think, but I wanna see it

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