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November is a big month

… a big month for Sony Ericsson of course! November will have two announcements, and the last one will be of great importance. The first announcement will be on Tuesday the 6th, and 3 phones will be announced here; K660 (already shown at SE site), W380 (remember, that clamshell Walkman phone some time back) and W890 (the W880 successor). Some accessories will also be announced.

The really exciting announcement, however, is the one coming up on the 15th. This one will be in the name of UIQ, and Sony Ericsson will be launching their new version of UIQ running on 2 – possibly 3 – smartphones. It’ll be running on P5 (yep, that’s the name of the next generation P series phone) and W980 (codenamed Maria, the iPhone competitor), and it’s possible that it’ll be running on the P600 mid-end smartphone that I posted the very first info about some time ago. So look out, and make sure you mark your calender at these two days!


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  1. Indeed, the excitement is palpable.

    People are really excited about the next smartphone / UIQ announcement as until now, Sony Ericsson has been fluffing up its mid-tier offerings while it heads towards its 10% market share before the year is out.

    After this current growth phase is finished we should see a return to its home of producing the hi-end devices we all love / need / drool after, after all, thats what it was famous for before it went Walkman crazy.

    The P5i and Maria (W980i) should mark the beginning of this new phase and word on the streets is a more powerful Cyber-shot is in development already.

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