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K660i appears at Sony Ericsson’s website!

The Sony Ericsson K660i, a phone that is planned to be announced this Tuesday, has appeared at Sony Ericsson’s official website. If you go to the UK site and press the product portfolio, you’ll see it. The website is here, if you’re interested.

K660 is a web-focused phone with 3G, EDGE & HSDPA and a special web browser (still NetFront, but with a mouse pointer). It also has a set of web keys on the keypad, just like the K850 has camera keys. Now what’s the purpose of these, you might be thinking. Well, the web browser is in landscape mode, so it should make a difference in browsing. But the keypad is still designed for portrait mode usage, so it’ll be a bit weird, I’d assume. Another thing making it a web-focused phone is the RSS widget on standby screen – nice! Since it’s a web-focused phone, it’s a bit weird that it doesn’t have a large display – at least it doesn’t seem like it’s very large.

According to the Sony Ericsson website the phones has maps and navigation services (GPS?), definitely something that sounds exciting.

It’s got a 2 megapixel camera without auto focus and flash. It does have PhotoFix, though. You can transfer the pictures by PictBridge, Bluetooth or post them to your blog.


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