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Miles Flint’s last day

As I am writing this, the clock on my computer is slowly going towards midnight. This means that Miles Flint (pictured left) – the President of Sony Ericsson for the last 3 years – will no longer be present at this position. Instead of Miles Flint, Hideki ‘Dick’ Komiyama (pictured right) will take over the lead of Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications. It’ll be exciting to see what will happen while he’s in charge.

I’d like to thanks Miles Flint for his wonderful work the last three years, and I hope him all well. Also, I’d like to welcome Hideki Komiyama to the new position of President at SEMC. Hopefully he’ll do just as good as Miles did.

Oh, one more thing. You didn’t expect me to just the Sony Ericsson’s President leave without having gotten an interview with him first, did you?? In case you did, then you expected wrong. I have already gotten an interview (actually this was some of the last stuff Miles did – I got it back earlier today), and I’ll publish it tomorrow (or is it today??) as a part of a series of interviews, I’ve gotten / am trying to get.


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