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Info about upcoming smartphones

The Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog has gotten some exclusive info about upcoming Sony Ericsson smartphones that are to be announced at the announcement in November. According to our sources there will be 3 smartphones getting announced – one iPhone competitor, one ultra high-end smartphone and lastly a mid-to-low-end smartphone.

The iPhone competitor, so to speak, is codenamed Maria, and the focus will be on media features as well as ease of use and a good, solid user interface.

The ultra high-end smartphone has been known by the name P3i, but this will not be the final product name. P3i will be a smartphone that simply has everything, and it will possibly run UIQ 4.0 – definitely not UIQ 3.0, so either 3.2 or a completely new version. P3i will have a great screen and as I said pretty much all features – this will be a direct hit at Nokia’s N95 8GB and E90.

The last smartphone to be unveiled is a mid-to-low-end smartphone, that most likely, is going to be named P600. It won’t feature any ‘great’ features – preferably a QVGA touch screen and a simple 2 megapixel camera.

Remember, you read about this first at The Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog! 


3 Responses

  1. Sounds really good, pity we don’t know too much about what these babies look like but the ‘P3i’ looks to be a good step up.

  2. 3 smartphones :wow:

    Great. Hope P3i or whatever it is named is not a 3 way slider as rumoured

  3. Me too, it sounds a bit cumbersome. A three way slider? It would have to be made from some very strong materials for it to be both slim and strong.

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