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XS++ 3.0 Beta (Sinyar) released!


The guys at SE-NSE have done it again, and have now released a beta version of XS++ 3.0. This one adds many new features, and one of the coolest is probably the full FS file system explorer – now there’s no need for FAR Manager when modding your phone! See the full list of changes and download the beta version right here! Please also do report any bugs either on the forum or by submitting a comment here – then I’ll make sure it gets forwarded.


6 Responses

  1. Hi I need to fix my K810i because there is something wrong with the light, when I touch a button to light the lights delay about 10 secs and I dont know what to do

    Thank you

  2. I’m not sure about that. Try out Esato.com or SE-NSE.net.

  3. se-nse is not workin is there somewere else possible to download xs++ from.

    please let me know as i want java back on my phone lol


  4. They’re experiencing some server troubles from time to time, but it’s working right now, so hurry up!

  5. i can’t download on link above. anyone know other easy link?

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