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Lowend W200 in 4 new colors

Wow, all the sudden Sony Ericsson has launched W200 in an additional 4 color variants. Now this phone is available in 6 color variants – has that ever been done before from Sony Ericsson (apart from StyleUp covers)? I doubt it. The four new colors are Grey, Sweet Pink, Aquatic White & Mono Blue. An interesting thing is that they’ve all gotten makeovers, not just a color swap. Now there are also different symbols and textures. Cool! And the accessory has also gotten a makeover. Press the thumbnails for full size pictures.







3 Responses

  1. Where can I buy a w200 in the mono blue color?

  2. Hi Bob,

    I think this color variant will be available in some selected shops soon – they might all be exclusive colors for different operators, but I’m not too sure about that. I’ll keep you posted, if I find out more!

  3. Oi gostaria de trocar a carcaça do meu w200a
    e queria saber onde são os pontos de vendas.
    e gostei muito da carcaça cor de rosa e cinza
    por gentileza respondem esse email

    Grata jackeline
    cel: 19 97170747

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