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W54S – Japanese wonder phone

W54S is a very cool Japanese Sony Ericsson phone that was announced recently. It was announced as a part of the Japanese KDDI network’s rather large announcement of its new range of phones (8 new phones were announced).

The W54S has a 3.2 megapixel camera with auto focus, and it supports MicroSD memory cards when the 1 gigs of intern memory is up, and you want to store more pictures, music and videos. Its display is a massive 2.8 inch OLED display with a full 240 x 400 pixels resolution. Nice! It’s also got a DMB reciever and supports CDMA EVDO Rev A.

It measures 50 x 106 x 19 millimeters and weighs in at 146 grams. Not the lightest phone ever, I must say! However this is pretty normal for higher spec’d Japanese phones. It comes in three colors; Aqua Blue, Fromboise Red and Velvet Black. Personally I like the blue and black edition, which is rather uncommon for me to like the design of a Japanese phone 🙂

You can check out a whole lot of pictures at JUSTAMP.



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