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PhotoFix – any good?

In my quest to find out if PhotoFix is any good, I’ve shot some pictures with my new “K810”, and compared the original picture with the one after the processing of PhotoFix.

PhotoFix works quite well in some coincidences, while in others, it totally ruins the picture, making it way to light and easily overexposed.

You can check out 11 examples of PhotoFix usage after the break.













4 Responses

  1. that was promising.

    can i use Photo Fix on my SE k610i?
    and where can i get photo Fix?

  2. Hi there,

    Sorry, PhotoFix is not on the K610, and you can’t get it without flashing the firmware of your K610 to a K530. This is not totally safe, though, and you might end up losing your warranty.

    For more information please check out SE-NSE‘s forum about software/firmware modification.

  3. is it possible to flash from K610i to K530?
    if it is how can i do that? can u tell me how?
    forget the warranty. it was expired already.

  4. As I said, you should try to search SE-NSE’s forum about firmware flashing.

    Here I’ve found something that could be helpful.


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