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Just flashed my K800 to a K810!

Yeah, I know that it isn’t news that you can flash your K800 into a K810. However, I just wanted to share a few thoughts on the process. Everything went quite easily and fast. It took about 15 – 20 minutes in total, which I think is quite acceptable. You get everything from the K810 (software wise) and with a simple “custom pack”, you can also keep the K800’s keypad light settings, which is a problem without on a K800 flashed into a K810.

I had – of course – modded my K800 before flashing, and now all these modifications are gone. It really doesn’t matter that much, as it takes a few seconds to apply them again.

If anybody feels like flashing their K800, but are a bit afraid of what will happen, then my advice to you is to read the instructions carefully and have everything ready (firmware and custom pack) before beginning. It’s really not hard to do, and I’d recommend everyone to do it! I’ll upload some pictures of my new “K810” and add them to this post later (added now!). Will also do a post about PhotoFix – what are the real differences?



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