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K850 coming next week!

Ah, I love the K850! And I’m of course also getting it. However, I want the green edition, but it’s not available in Denmark. So what was I to do, other than have a chat with my boss and ask Sony Ericsson to send me a green one. Hopefully it’s possible, because I really want it in that color! Nevertheless, I should be getting K850 next week – either from Sony Ericsson or some online shop. I’m pretty excited to finally get Sony Ericsson’s camera phone flagship of the year, and don’t worry – I’ll make a large review of it and snap lots of pictures!


4 Responses

  1. Michell

    Has the K850 been FCC approved then? if so whats the FCC number?

  2. Hi Petrus!

    I’m sure that K850 has been approved by FCC, otherwise it wouldn’t be selling now, anyhow, I can’t find the FCC ID number anywhere. I’ve just finished a 1-hour search at FCC, going through all stuff from Sony Ericsson, without it being there. Sorry 😦

  3. Hi again,

    Just an update. K850 had not been FCC approved, when I replied to your comment, but it has been now!

    You can find it at FCC right here!

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