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Sony Ericsson’s wireless “snowball”

With the announcement on the 11th Sony Ericsson announced two new accessories. The MDS-100, which has been mentioned quite a few times, and the HCB-105 handsfree car accessory. HCB-105 isn’t that exciting and is just another Bluetooth car handsfree speaker solution. What is exciting is the new speaker-system.

The sound quality is apparently very high, as Sony Ericsson states, it’s a “speaker that looks as good as it sounds”, and personally I think it looks great!

It’s using Bluetooth A2DP, which is supported by almost all new Sony Ericsson phones, and all you have to do is to connect it via the Bluetooth menu and after a few seconds, the music played on your phone will be coming out through the “ball”.

The battery should be capable of 50 hours of standby or 5 hours of listening on a single charge. Nice!

A small bag comes along with the speakers, so it’s protected when carrying it around. It weighs 225 grams, and really isn’t that big. It will end up costing around 80 – 100 USD (£40 – 50), and should be in shops in time for the Christmas sales.


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