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Open letter to SE’s new CEO

The open letter to Sony Ericsson’s soon-to-be CEO, Mr. Hideki (Dick) Komiyama, about the future of UIQ (3) and the P990’s faulty past, is a letter I took part of signing yesterday. I think it’s very important that Sony Ericsson realizes that consumers don’t want to be beta-testers, but want a product, that’s usable once it’s released. A thing the P990 wasn’t. In fact P990 had some many bugs, that a lot of users sold their phone before the first firmware update was out.

The firmware updates didn’t change much, and the last of these, is still buggy. If you experienced this, or just don’t want it to happen, then speak up, and sign this open letter at the My-Symbian forum thread, where more than 100 people so far have signed it. Of course, you’ll be required to sign up at the forum and won’t be able to post anything in the first 24 hours due to security reasons, but please don’t forget about it! Simply use this thread, and sign it now! On the left & right are the current Sony Ericsson UIQ 3 phones, and more of these will come this Monday – that’s how many phones this is regarding!

The open letter can be found here, if you missed the link above.


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