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Mobile-Review has reviewed K770

Mobile-Review.com has now also reviewed the new K770 Cyber-Shot phone. K770 features a 3.2 megapixel camera with auto focus and a LED flash. It has 3G, and is comparable to the K810 in almost all areas. You can find the review here, and here’s the conclusion.

Despite its 72-chord polyphony, the K770i is no better than other Sony Ericsson branded phones in terms of audio performance. The loudspeaker is average volume-wise and has a great deal of bass in its sounding, so the call alert is easily heard even on a busy street. The silent alert is of moderate power or even slightly higher than that, but even this fact isn’t an excuse for the situations when it proves too weak to be felt. The reception part is in line with other products from the company, meaning that it is quite decent.

The handset is expected to be available for purchase in late October, in Europe it will retail for 290-320 Euro. Compared with its rivals, specifically the Sony Ericsson K800i, the handset has the only trump – its design, and nothing more going for it. If you pay more attention to image quality and deem it a crucial aspect of your future phone, this is the place where the flagship outruns the K770i hands down again. There is nothing strange in it, though – the flagship sales well and the company decided not to sabotage its potential on the market. Will the K770i get to the top of the charts? It’s a tricky question, but I think for a certain group of users the Sony Ericsson K770i could be an excellent purchase. The device has its own face, so it makes many heads turn to you. It is a pleasant solution that will never be known as the most technology-savvy solution or a handset jam-packed with features, moreover, it has never claimed these titles. Its sales will revolve chiefly around impulse-driven purchases, rather than thought-out decisions and assessments based on product reviews like this one.


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