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GSMArena’s review of W960

w960_gsmarena_review.jpgGSMArena has posted a very nice review of the upcoming Sony Ericsson W960 – the ultimate Walkman phone right now! They seem to be very excited about the phone, that will be available around December this year. Here’s the conclusion for the lazy ones

Summing it up, the Sony Ericsson W960 easily offers more than any other Sony Ericsson Walkman before. Positive changes compared to the W950 are noticeable both in system performance and in the hardware equipment. In terms of software, the handset is identical to the previous UIQ 3 mobiles and, when compared to Nokia S60 smartphones, loses only on VoIP capabilities, which are much more elaborate in the latest S60 mobiles.

The biggest controversy as we see it, when making the purchase decision for W960, lies in the use of a touchscreen interface for a regular smartphone. Our opinion is that a smartphone interface should be either optimized for finger touching or the screen should not be touch sensitive at all. Pulling the stylus out for anything except handwriting on the screen is not justifiable. So, just to put it shortly, the W960 would have been a great choice if it had some sort of a D-pad to allow easy single-handed navigation through the menu options without the need for stylus all the time.

However, we find the Sony Ericsson W960 a great choice for all you music fans that don’t mind using both hands for operating your handset.

Actually this is the first review after the new features of GSMArena – this means that you can now find a 360 degree “picture” of the phone. Enjoy the review! šŸ™‚


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