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The world’s coolest bike!

se_bike.jpgIsn’t this just the best looking and coolest bike on the planet??? I stumbled across it by a coincidence, and fell in love immediately! It’s a Sony Ericsson Walkman bike with the text “I SE Walkman” on it. So what’s the cost of this beauty? 3.500 Danish kroner or about $665. It’s a lot of money for a bike, in my opinion, but it’s without a doubt worth it all! (just saw that SE Fanatics has posted about this, too, and yes, it IS official).

Here are the “specs”:

Frame: 6061 T6 Warmth hardened aluminum

Gears: Shimano 24 Speed

Seat: 2 colored comfort seat

Wheels: Black 6061 with aluminum rims

Tires: CST MTB

Brakes: Promax DSK 400 and a aluminum V-brake in the back

… and now … MORE PICTURES!






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