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GSMArena has posted K530 & K770 review

gsmarena_k530.jpgWell known GSMArena has now posted a review of the Sony Ericsson K530 and K770. K530 has 3G and can be considered as a slight update to the K610 released about a year ago. You can find the review of K530 right here, and if you’re too lazy to read it all, then here’s the conclusion.

That’s about how things are at the Sony Ericsson developing center. Designers are called upon to improve looks, developers are tweaking up the firmwarе, but somehow the user interface and functions tend to be ignored. It’s not the fault of K530 only. It’s safe to say, most of the new releases suffer the same weakness. It’s been quite some time since we last saw a real innovation, except in strictly high-end handsets. The same, of course, holds true about Nokia. Recurring criticisms seem to meet with indifference. Sony Ericsson K530 is very similar to the K610 we tested a little over a year ago. Save for the better exterior, the few novelties are the FM radio, A2DP-enabled Bluetooth and Track ID. Will the few improvements justify the price tag?

k770_gsmarena.jpgGSMArena has also posted a review of K770, which I’ve forgotten to post about. K770 is a mid-end CyberShot phone and is meant to be a cheaper version of K850, like K550 was the cheap version of K800/K810. You can find the review of K770 here, and the conclusion is here:

The Cyber-shot line is astir. Following the K810, the 5 megapixel monster K850 took a bow. Having recently given you the leader of the Cyber-shot pack, we had our hands on the sleek and thin 3 megapixel K770. We liked this Cyber-shot for its design and friendly handling. A bit of a disappointment is the stale user interface. The other serious drawback is the low video capturing resolution. The photo quality couldn’t impress us either, as it wasn’t near the one of its Cyber-shot elder brothers. The camera performance was further beaten down by the lack of a xenon flash and the lack of the BestPic shooting mode. So in all honesty, the new Sony Ericsson K770 seems pretty much as a Cyber-shot-branded replica of the T650. Fair enough, there’s nothing wrong with trying to build on a successful design. Without much effort, Sony Ericsson adds a stylish mid-range handset to its Cyber-shot lineup.


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