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Sony Ericsson K205a for the American market

It looks like the FCC has got some pictures of a upcoming Sony Ericsson phone for the American market (850 / 1900 MHz). According to the images it will be called K205a, and it sports a camera on the back, which I’m sure is a VGA camera. It somehow reminds me of some spy pictures we’ve seen earlier on at SE-NSE of a unknown low-end K-series phone. Although the name is very close to the K200, it definitely doesn’t look like it. To me the back looks a bit like the old P800. It looks interesting, and could be one of the phones from Sony Ericsson with the Sagem user interface.

Press the thumbnails for a larger view.

k205_1.jpg k205_2.jpg k205_3.jpg

Source: Just Another Mobile Phone Blog


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  1. […] Posted on October 26, 2007 by Michell Bak I guess you remember the K205a phone that had been approved by the FCC and started showing up on pictures around the Internet? Well, guess what, an official picture of […]

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