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GSMArena review of K850

GSMArena has finally posted the final review of the upcoming K850. It’s a very good and thorough review, and I’m really impressed by the phone. Definitely my next phone! As a matter of fact, I’m getting it the minute it gets available 😉

GSMArena has earlier on done a few comparison camera reviews, where K850 was one of the competitors, so I was awaiting the review of the phone. You can find the full review of the prototype model here, and if you’re a bit lazy, then here’s the conclusion:

We believe the Sony Ericsson K850 lives up to the responsibility of being a landmark product in the company portfolio. With rich camera settings, the K850 comes incredibly close to stand-alone digital cameras. The novelties in navigation suggest the K850 will not resort to simply being an upgrade to older Cyber-shot handsets and will be aiming beyond the brand-loyal consumers. However, the first 5 megapixel Cyber-shot will be forced to handle a lot of pressure. It’s been a year since Nokia N95 was introduced, which indisputably outruns K850 in non-cam features. Other tempting 5 megapixel mobiles as LG KU990, Samsung G600, Samsung F700, and Nokia N95 8GB will soon be crowding the cameraphone market. With an expected price tag of about 430 Euro, some users will think twice before buying a K850 at its very release. If the mentioned rival phones get launched at the same time, the domination of Sony Ericsson K850 will put to a serious test.


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