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New Bluetooth ball speakers

mbs-100.jpgWow! Talk about being innovative, will ya! This new Bluetooth accessory from Sony Ericsson is a set of speakers formed in the shape of a ball. It’s called the MBS-100, and I’m guessing the ‘B’ is for Ball. These speakers have not yet been announced officially, and I’m expecting them to be announced at the MTV Europe Music Awards show or a upcoming announcement in October/November.

I’ve got to say that these speakers have a very cool design, and hopefully they’ll come in a large variate of colors. They look pretty big, I think, so I’m curious about the actual size. They seem to be able to play pretty loud 🙂 Definitely an accessory I’m gonna have a closer look at!

To check it out yourself, go to this site and select your language first, then Phones and lastly Accessories.

Update! I’m 99.8 % sure I know the designer, who created this 😉


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  1. […] being announced very soon, as they’ve already appeared on the Sony Ericsson site for the MTV Music Awards show. And I’m still almost positive that I know the designer of this speaker […]

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