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Mobile-Review has reviewed T650

t650_review_mobile-review.jpgI’ve been waiting for the T650 review from Mobile-Review for quite some time now, and it’s finally been published and is in English.

It seems that Eldar isn’t really impressed by the price the phone costs, and says i’s way too expensive, however there will be customers who will buy it just because of the design. Here are some of the last lines of the review;

[…]for example the camera module, but is this what a fashion-savvy solution is all about? Sony Ericsson hasn’t embedded its very best camera either. It turns out that the company’s first attempt to foray into the segment of fashion-conscious phones is, if not a failure, not ever-so successful. This is some helpful experience for Sony Ericsson, so let’s hope the impending devices will be more eye-catching, offering “pure fashion” for their money.

Find the review right here 🙂


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