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Sony Ericsson K770 announced

[UPDATED] A couple of days ago Sony Ericsson announced the K770, which is also known as the mysterious Victoria. The K770 doesn’t feature any new stuff and can be considered as another version of K810 (minus the xenon flash) or a Cybershot branded version of the T650. This means that it features a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus and Cybershot branding, a 1.9 inch display with QVGA resolution and can show up to 262.144 colors, has 3G and triband GSM.

It’s only 14.5 millimeters in depth, which makes it quite thin. Although the model number ID might sound pretty high-end, it won’t be considered a high-end phone.

It comes bundled with a 256 MB M2 memory card and has 16 megs of internal memory. It isn’t much storage room for music lovers, but if you decide to use it for music, you can also use Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP support for stereo music sound via Bluetooth. There’s also a FM radio with RDS. Lastly it also comes with TrackID so you can trace down the music playing.

It’ll come in two colors (although it might appear in more colors later this year); Truffle Brown and Ultra Violet. Personally I like the violet one best, but after seeing the live pictures from Planete Nokia I also like the brown one. What do you think? It’ll hit the stores sometime this autumn on “selected markets”.

Update: Mobileburn’s Samuel Chan has gotten his hands on a showoff unit of K770, and has shot some great photos of it. To check them out, go here. It’s moments like this, when you wish you’d a D SLR camera…

There’s also Phonedaily who have got a unit and has shot some photos of it. To check this one out, go here 🙂


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