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New firmware for W950 is out!

At the same time as the new P990 firmware got released, the last firmware update for W950 got out, too. This one is called R6E28 just like the new P990 one, and will fix most bugs from earlier firmware versions. It’s available on SEUS, so go get yours updated now! So far there’s not much information about it, but it’ll come sooner or later, and when it does, this post will get updated.


9 Responses

  1. How about M600? Will this firmware also applicable for my M600?

  2. i installed the latest firmware on my phone and i noticed some improvements in the general speed and memory management is slightly bettter than before..although i never had any nightmarish experience with the last firmware…have this new firmware improve on the stablility of the last just make me love my w950i even more…

  3. Hi dexter, no this will not work for your M600. The M600 firmware updates stopped some time ago, as the device is pretty stable now.

    @Bigbrovar – thanks for your input 🙂 Great stuff to hear!

  4. Hi Michell Bak,

    I have heard that M600 firmware update is on SE pipeline. Is this true?

  5. I’m afraid not, Dexter. The M600 is already quite stable, and won’t be needing any more updates. The statement from Sony Ericsson regarding M600 updates being in the pipeline is rather old, and it won’t happen 😦

    From now on they’ll be focusing on P1 & W960 firmwares as well as developing UIQ 3.2, which runs Symbian 9.5.

  6. I am thinking of selling my M600 and buying an O2 Atom Exec. Is this a good switch?

  7. Hi Dexter,

    Sorry about the late reply, but I must have missed your comment. Personally, I wouldn’t sell the M600 and buy an O2 XDA Atom Exec. If I were you I’d have a closer look at the P1 or the upcoming W960 from Sony Ericsson. Both phones rock 🙂

  8. Yeah!!! I love P1 and W960. Thank you so much for your reply. Sorry for the off topic.

  9. No problemo – if you need the QWERTY then go for P1, if not, the W960 is the best choice 😉

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