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Sony Ericsson J220i Pink

Here’s a new one, I’ve never seen before. It’s the low-end phone J220i from Sony Ericsson, but in pink color, and is called the “Sony Ericsson J220i Pink”, so I guess it’s some sort of special version. The specifications are the same as the normal version, and here’s what Sony Ericsson writes on se-store.co.uk:

The J220i is a mobile phone designed for optimal ease of use, with a feature set that will appeal to most mobile phone users. Calling is easy. Messaging is easy. And when your J220i rings, clear-ringing polyphonic ringtones sing out. Enjoy sending pictures and sounds in SMS text messages or MMS multimedia messages.


2 Responses

  1. […] sometimes the new ones start appearing after the product announcement. This has been seen with the J220, K550, K810, Z750, S500 and more. Now it’s the W580’s turn to get styled and have a […]

  2. this sucks lol

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