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Sony Ericsson S500 coming tomorrow

The new Sony Ericsson S500 should be coming my way tomorrow. Well, it’s actually my mom’s way, as I ordered it for her (and paid for it, too!). I wanted to give her a cool fashion mobile with the most common features and some new cool ones. Right now she’s using an old Nokia 6020, which sucks! That was the main reason for giving her a new phone – it’s too embarrassing for her to have such an old phone 😉

Anyhow, it should come tomorrow, but there’s been some trouble with the place it was ordered, but after having talked on the phone with them three times and emailed, it should be there now. So, I’m counting on a delivery tomorrow morning!

I’ll also do a review of the phone and try to do some unpacking pictures – if not, then you’d bet I can get a nice photo gallery 🙂 So stay tuned 🙂 Oh, and it’s the yellow edition. I really wanted to get her the black one, but apparently it isn’t being sold here at the moment, and she likes the yellow one.


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