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Sony Ericsson P1 comes with a GPS!!

The new Sony Ericsson P1 comes bundled with a Bluetooth GPS from Wayfinder and the software (Wayfinder Navigator 7) is pre installed when buying the phone. Included is a 1-year subscription to the service. All you have to do is activate the service, and you should be ready to go!

Earlier today Wayfinder said, that they’d received to gigantic orders for GPS units and navigation software. Reportedly, it was an order from a “big mobile manufacturer” – Sony Ericsson, as we’ve just found out.

This makes the P1 be more like the N95, and I’m seriously considering getting the P1, too, along with my N95 and P990. Should be a nice little family, don’t you think? Well, I should be getting a test unit soon, so will see if it’s something for me 😉 By the way, this is for selected markets only.

Source: Mobil.nu


10 Responses

  1. Wait, how’d you find about about this, and is it true? Did people receive a bluetooth gps unit with their phone because I did not!

  2. Well, it’s official. The first units didn’t have it, though. The test unit I’ve tried didn’t have it bundled either – maybe you should try to contact Sony Ericsson?

  3. It’s not true. I have one of the newest phones and it did not come with any GPS bundled. Wayfinder or otherwise. Don’t believe the hype.

  4. I have just bought a Sony Ericsson P1i bundled with a wayfinder gps bluetooth unit. This is not hype but rather down to a selected market as I have purchased mine in Greece. I would assume that these units are bundled with the gps for selected markets. I Believe the wayfinder gps stand alone price tag is around 200 euros so it does make up the entire personality of the phone as quite a very good buy. I would like to say as well that there is many things that ship out with different products that people do not realize as well. My advice is to contact the sony ericsson site and voice your opinion and concerns as other markets around the world hold a dearer market on selling mobile phones for peoples needs and so forth. Thanks for your time.

  5. Hi Nick, and thanks for your input! I’m sure many people will find it useful 🙂

  6. I have found 2 bundled deals for this on ther internet. around £310 each

  7. Today SE has announced in India P1 with GPS for ~Rs. 22000 (USD 550). Without GPS for USD 500

  8. […] now ships with a GPS in India Posted on December 23, 2007 by Michell Bak Some days ago a comment was posted here about P1 now being available with a Bluetooth GPS in India. Today I found a picture of an advert in […]

  9. Yes. P1i is launched with GPS features in Delhi last week. Its quoting 22K with GPS and without GPS is 19-20K..

  10. P1i with GPS is available in india in select outlets/company show rooms only due to shortage of hardware. This has been confirmed by a SE official. But has anybody used it so far? Is it worthwhile to buy p1I for GPS use??

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