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Great hybrid concept

The user ‘Xajel’ at Esato has posted a really great concept, which looks sooooo fantastic! It’s a high quality concept, and the features are amazing. Check out what Xajel wrote about his concept and then the two different versions.

very basic, rather than mobile phone in front and camera in the back…
Walkman in the front and Cyber-Shot in the back…

I just started new series called H, this one is called H1i, H stands for Hybrid ( Walkman + Cyber-Shot )
this thing is above high-end range, not Ultra high-end but just some thing in the middle

the whole front side is touch sensitve, not bottons here, these are just painted letters with backlight ability in the dark, the display is 3” fully blended in the front design, with Widescreen resolution of 480×270… a 7.2MP camera with another Hybrid wich is the flash ( both Xenon and LEd in the same package to save space ), specifications are still in draft, just wait for the final one …

I hope you like it, it’s my first one guys !!

two colors, Metallic Black, and Pearly White

I can’t wait to see the ‘final version’, if this is only a draft. Beautiful work, Xajel, and now the pictures… First up is the Metallic Black and second is the Pearly White, which is my favorite one. Click the pictures to enlarge.




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