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Sony Ericsson K850i Announced!

If Sony Ericsson had not presented their long awaited cellphone with 5 megapixels today in Berlin, many people would have been very disappointed. But they did, and it looks like something good is ahead of us.

With 5 megapixels K850i will give quality images in the same class as a digital camera. But megapixels isn’t everything when taking good pictures, which is also why the phone has autofocus and a xenon-flash. Other than that it also features BestPic, PhotoFix and of course PictBridge.

K850i is also a HSDPA-phone, which can be used when picture- and video-blogging. A pretty interesting thing is that the phone not only features a M2-slot, you can also use microSD-cards with it. That has never been seen before in any Sony Ericsson phone!

The keypad has a dual-function – when in camera, the icons are lit up and indicates, which keys that work as shortcuts to digital zoom and other features. The screen is 2,2 inches large, 240 x 320 pixels and can show up to 262.144 colors. K850i will be available from Q4.


A lot of K850 camera samples have been posted online at a Chinese mobile website. The images are actually of quite good quality already, and it’s Sony Ericsson have still got 4 – 6 months to complete the software – now, that’s really amazing! The images can be found on the links below:



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