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The day has come…

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… The day has come for us to move on. WordPress.com has been our blogging home for many months now, but as we feel we have been rapidly expanding lately, we feel that we can not keep up with all the Sony Ericsson stuff, rumours, reviews, codenames and such anymore… at least not here! 😀

As of today, the Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog will be hosted by no other than the great SE-NSE website and will from now on be found at


The partnership with SE-NSE will bring along many more things than this – I might even say, that this is just the tip of the iceberg, really.

We do of course hope that you’ll join us at the new domain where we’ll be more active and ready with the news than ever – the term “USEB Exclusive” will get a whole new meaning! 🙂

We would like to urge upon all websites linking towards this blog, to change the link to the new website and furthermore give you all a great thanks for taking part of making the blog what it is.

While the new site is ready to show the world, there are still some very minor things needing to be fixed (like files from this blog to the new one), but we don’t count on this taking too long.

Best regards,

The team behind USEB.

China: Sony Ericsson wins gaming award

Sony Ericsson has just won the “2007 Most Popular Game Equipment” award at the 2007 China Game Industry Annual Conference (CGIAC) held in Suzhou, China, on the 15th – 17th of January. The Chinese Developer Team was present and to accept the honorable reward was Liu Peng, Manager of Sony Ericsson Developer World China.

– I am very honored to take the award on behalf of Sony Ericsson. We really appreciate the great support from our partners and end-users. Sony Ericsson Developer World will continue to assist and support China’s wireless developers so they can offer more quality mobile phone games in the future, Liu Peng said.

The Chinese Developer World has only launched in May 2007, and has already won this large award – quite impressive, I think!


Exclusive: Large update on Paris

‘Paris’ is the codename of the speculated high-end phone P5.
Sliding keyboard and different home screens you can navigate between by pressing left and right. Also, we’ve got a sliding mechanism on the back of the phone as a lens protector for the camera. “5 MP” is also stated on the back near the camera. It comes with a stylus even though the user interface can easily be used with your finger as well. It’s black and a bit smaller than P1. It has a built-in GPS (NaviLink 5.0 NL5350) with WayFinder 7.0 built-in as well as a weather application and the new Opera Mobile 9 with intelligent zoom and widgets. Based on OMAP34xx hardware platform.

Paris is going to be announced along with Beibei, if everything goes as planned, which it should.

Z770i was only the beginning…

Remember our little info regarding the Z770i? Seems the video is not taken by the mobile itself. Today a whole lot of these test_xxxx.mp4 vids popped out of nowhere into Fun & Downloads. You know, a pic says more than thousand words. See the full sheet with known phones greened out after the jump. Continue reading

W350 demo tour video

Here’s the Demo Tour video of the Sony Ericsson W350. I think it’s very cool – what do you think?

First Hint Of Z770i

We just love Sony Ericsson, don’t we? All these little leaks to keep us busy. 😀

Newest entry in the Fun & Downloads area is a mysterious file called “test_z770.mp4”, a video with:

  • 352 x 288 pixels
  • 15 fps
  • MPEG-4 with 560 Kbps

No further information is available at this point.

Download link: http://www.sonyericsson.com/downloads/fd/57/test_z770.mp4

Btw, it’s another “You read it first on USEB” 😉

Exclusive: Beibei user interface pictures

Lots of icons from the upcoming Beibei’s user interface. The phone will be running UIQ 3.2, and this is an exclusive preview of what the future will hold 😀 I guess the picture pretty much speaks for itself, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask!